At this time last year, I was in one of the most trying times of my life. I couldn’t explain to anyone what was going on with me. Words I had didn’t seem enough or appropriate. My tongue was in quicksand. My mind was in quicksand. My body, in quicksand too. While my spirit watched.

Sometimes I contain everything inside to the point where it makes me feel physically sick and I can no longer function. But now I can’t afford the cost of that silence. I want to be able to share where I’ve been, primarily because I feel like  I need to let go of all the anger, shame and guilt that I had harboured inside me.

I made this song last year when I arrived back into Lagos and  the video I made here in London, a place that has memories of some of my lightest lightness and my darkest darkness. I’ve made them so you can see what I can’t find the words to say. For many reasons, it’s important that I share and that you see.

Did you want to listen elsewhere? Here’s the soundcloud link <3