Stagnant Water Breeds Mosquitoes

Stagnant Water Breeds Mosquitoes is a phrase I started saying in conversation with my friends when I was trying to encourage them to get up and move. A reality I have experienced myself growing up in Lagos, I know that things need to move, water always needs to flow, and water that doesn’t flow becomes a place for things to breed and fester, like mosquitoes.

Here I am likening water to the human body. We are human and we are made of 70% water, so naturally we to need to flow.

Example content shot on my iPhone (please watch with sound on to hear sound of night, the intended mood for sound design of the show)

SWBM PDF Presentation Deck is downloadble here

Over time and more specifically through the lockdown, I have grown to understand that my body and mind are tools in this world for my soul’s expression. Learning my body and paying attention to what and where I feel in my body has allowed me to develop the ability to pinpoint certain energies and instinctively transmute them.

When there is a heaviness on my shoulders or a discomfort on the right side beneath my chin, I start to move.

I am hoping to explore movement, sound and light, the natural ways in which we manifest ourselves and I hope to deliver an experience where the audience will also be caused to think about their own body and where they might have built up energy and in turn release that energy.

The film will be shot outside my house.

There are three large glass windows that see into my kitchen.

By 3am in the morning, I will come downstairs in a nightgown that my mother has picked from the local markets of Lagos, Nigeria, clad in the white, I will move and I will dance.

My intention is for the audience to feel as though they are standing in my garden, watching me in this glass house, an ode to the  mandatory COVID-19 isolation and distance but whilst also delivering an intimacy in the same instance.

Garden moodboard

I will be using TouchDesigner to create reactive content for my garden which will be projected onto the floor. When the audience step on the projection the content will react to their steps. For the bigger audience participation, I will have a couple other walls dedicated to visual and reactive content for the audience to become more intimate and familiar with themselves.

I would invite the audience to move through themselves in the same way that I am moving, this section will also be programmed through touch designer so that when a member of the audience moves, the content will react and move with their body, hands or feet, emitting energy and colours as they move.

Wall projection content moodboard for audience participation

It will be combined with striking visual content that I hope will be able to deliver and trigger intimacy, inquiry and learning. Almost that thing that happens when you look in the mirror and discover that you are in a physical body and you start exploring your physicality.

I imagine this idea can be executed with the audience member standing center and kinect tracking arm movement

For sound, I intend to use the sound of the 3am morning. To permeate more of the feeling for the audience as though they are really standing outside in my garden at the time. It will be a live recording of that silence, the wind, the slight rustling of leaves and those little disturbances that make your turn around swiftly.

Projection surfaces plan